The Restaurant

This year the Boccon Divino celebrates 28 years of glorious activity!
The history of this Restaurant starts, in fact, in 1992 from the love of Mario Fiorani and Vanna for the genuine flavors of this generous land of Tuscany. They are helped in  this courageous choice of life by two of their three daughters, Marina and Alessandra, who immediately , and very young, begin working on their side making this dream a solid reality.

Vanna was born in Montalcino and has treasured culinary traditions of her country. Mario  was born in Milan, and he loves to discover, customizing them, the old recipes.
Since 2000, the kitchen is in the hands of the creativity of Alessandra, helped by her fantastic kitchen staff, although the secret of dishes as the Antico  Peposo Alla Brunelleschi  or the Special Tripe with Saffron or The Famous Carabaccia, still remain closely guarded by Mario and Alessandra ...

The reception of guests is instead entrusted to the  kindness of Marina who can always count on the presence of Mario  and the valuable help of her staff.

Marina speaks English, French and Spanish and this allows to welcome in the best way also foreign guests, every year more and make them feel really welcome!

The tradition is the highlight of this place. Even today, in fact, every dish is created using the "old" method and not fads, using products like the Truffle of the Crete Senesi or Porcino dell'Amiata, and even game and vegetables, bread is baked directely at the Restaurant and lot of the Pastas are  hand-made.

Do not forget to order one of the wonderfull Dessert from our list ..... real passion of Alessandra!

The Boccon Divino is always sensitive to the needs of its customers and that's why many of the dishes are already present in our gluten-free and suitable for a celiac diet, more if you book in advance we can prepare for you and your guests even fresh bread without gluten! Do not forget to book for this!

The restaurant is just outside of Montalcino at about 800 meters from the town center on direction to SIENA, located on a lovely hill overlooking the Crete Senesi.

From our terrace you can admire one of the most beautiful views of Tuscany, the cover of many glossy magazines; it is a real balcony over the world!

With the summer season then everything takes place outdoors sheltered by large umbrellas and evening ... as roof the stars ....